Volume 17 Issue 2 - 2010

Home-based business + general section

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104-111 Editorial: Home-based business: Challenging their Cinderella status
Colin Mason

Home-based business

112-123 Micro business: Characteristics of home-based business in New Zealand
Delwyn N Clark, Heather Douglas
124-136 Gender differences in home-based business ownership
John Breen
137-149 Home-based business owners in the aesthetics industry in Puerto Rico
Karen L Orengo Serra, Nora Picˇn Garcia
150-164 Home-based business policy and return on investment for the community
Janice Redmond, Elizabeth A Walker
165-176 Home-based businesses in the city
Janet Grace Sayers

General section

177-192 Explaining the levels of innovation and R&D in New Zealand's small and medium-sized enterprises: Too many small firms?
Martina Battisti, David Deakins, Hernan Roxas
193-206 Process and strategy influences on product development performance in New Zealand
Gerrit Anton de Waal, Paul Knott
207-212 Optimising employee ability in small firms: Employing people with a disability
Kevin Hindle, Brian Gibson, Alison David

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Home-based business + general section
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